RED Sues Nikon Over Z9 RAW Video Patent


It’s deja vu, all over again. Nikon is being sued by RED Digital Cinema for using the compressed raw video recording capability (N-RAW) in the announcement of the new Z9 flagship camera. Well, everything was bound to happen. And this was something we had expected.

Everyone was excited for the launch of the firmware V2.0 for the Nikon Z9 a few weeks ago. The upgrade, which has been available for download since April 20th, provides the ability to record 12-bit N-RAW up to 8.3K60 as well as ProRes RAW HQ up to 4.1K60 internally. The party, though, seems to be over. Yes, RED recently sued the Japanese company for infringing on their iconic compressed RAW patent. The battle has officially begun.

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