Patent Expert Reacts to Apple Car Patents


Patent Attorney Robert Sachs stopped by the CNET offices to explain and vet some odd Apple Patents for automobiles — ones that could hint at what an Apple Car could look like. Are any of these ideas viable? Will they make driving more safe and enjoyable? Or will they distract drivers? Find out what the patent expert thinks on Experts React.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Examples of Apple’s car illustrations in patent filings
0:56 Apple’s EV Charging Station with Passive Alignment Mechanism Patent
1:56 Apple’s System with Holographic Head-Up Display Patent
3:20 Apple’s Augmented Reality Display Patent
4:50 Apple’s Active Glare Suppression System Patent
6:13 Apple’s Airbag-Based Occupant Safety System
7:23 Apple’s Immersive Display of Motion Synchronized Virtual Content Patent
10:02 Outro

EV Charging Station Patent
Augmented Reality Display
VR System for Vehicles
Holographic Heads-up Display
Glare Suppression System
Apple Airbag System

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