Huawei sues Amazon, patent countermeasures begin!


Recently, Huawei sued seven companies, including Amazon, for infringement of invention patents.

This has led to discussions in the industry about Huawei’s patent countermeasures and intellectual property rights.

Huawei is going to start fighting back with patents.

Huawei has the most 5G patents, but cannot use 5G chips, which is too embarrassing.

Huawei has always maintained a high investment in research and development, leading the world in the number of patents, especially 5G-related patents.

In the past 10 years, Huawei has invested more than 845 billion R&D funds and accumulated more than 110,000 core patents.

This means that Huawei has an average of 8.3 patents per day for 33 years.

In March this year, IPLytics, a well-known patent data company, released a report showing that in terms of 5G essential patents, Huawei alone holds more than all U.S. companies combined.

According to the “Global 5G Patent Activity Report (2022)” by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Huawei’s patent family accounts for 14%, ranking first. Nokia patent families accounted for 7.6%, ranking sixth.

But Nokia made the most of its patents for revenue – the total cost of 5G patents for the entire device was 40 euros, or 285 yuan.

That is, every time a 5G mobile phone is built, a patent fee of 285 yuan will be paid to Nokia.

In the past, Nokia’s high patent fees for 5G mobile phones have been widely discussed, and it has also made a lot of money.

However, Huawei, which occupies the first place in 5G patents, has not caused much waves and discussions in terms of patent revenue.

But over the past two years, U.S. sanctions have come down one after the other, from cutting supply in chip manufacturing to not allowing suppliers designing U.S. technology to supply Huawei’s 5G equipment.

This directly led to the lack of 5G chips in Huawei’s series of flagships, which in turn caused Huawei’s mobile phone business to be in a dilemma.

Huawei has the most 5G patents, but cannot use 5G chips, and the industry has not obtained a corresponding revenue scale in terms of 5G patent fees.”China Focus” is a YouTube channel created to provide current events and pop culture headlines from China.Here you can get to know a more real China through my video. |
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