The Unitary Patent system –a game-changer for innovation in Europe


Rundown of today’s event:

➡️ 09.30 hrs: Presentation of the European patent system by James Nurton
➡️ 09.40 hrs: Opening addresses
➡️ 10.15 hrs: Contribution of patents to innovation in Europe
➡️ 10.45 hrs: Coffee break
➡️ 11.00 hrs: Main features of unitary patent protection and the Unified Patent Court
➡️ 11.05 hrs: Views from present and former representatives of EU institutions
➡️ 11.30 hrs: Views of academics
➡️ 12.00 hrs: Views of business associations
➡️ 12.30 hrs Lunch
➡️ 14.00 hrs Introduction to the afternoon session
➡️ 14.05 hrs Views of innovative SMEs
➡️ 14.40 hrs Views of professional representatives
➡️ 15.20 hrs Coffee break
➡️ 15.40 hrs Presentation of the UPC – its judges, premises and electronic case management system (video)
➡️15.55 hrs Views of judges
➡️16.45 hrs Conclusions

Full programme is available here:

Through a series of lectures and panel discussions the conference will present insight into the Unitary Patent system from a number of perspectives and evaluate its advantages for entrepreneurs and innovating businesses.

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