Huawei scores new patent breakthrough worth $200 billion!


On November 25, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Tianjin University disclosed a new patent titled “Human-Computer Interaction Method, Human-Computer Interaction Device and Storage Medium”, which is the increasingly popular “brain-computer interface” technology.

Huawei’s deployment of this cutting-edge technology has also caused widespread speculation in the market.

It is widely expected in the industry that this technology is expected to be the first to be applied to Huawei’s intelligent driving field.

Coincidentally, “Iron Man” Musk has warmed up to the brain-computer interface technology as early as a month ago.

However, Musk delayed the demonstration of this technology by a month, which is to November 30 local time.

With the continuous advancement of industrial development by giants, the cutting-edge technology of brain-computer interface has become a new outlet, which has attracted a number of A-share listed companies including iFlytek and Sanqi Mutual Entertainment.

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