Patents Don’t Protect People From Stealing Your Inventions


Take a deep dive with Stephen Key:
What do patents do? How do they stop people from stealing your invention? That’s what patents do, right — you need a patent to protect your invention, right? No, not really. It’s a little more complicated than that. Patents can have value, but it has nothing to do with stopping anyone.

Speaking from personal experience with the patent system, licensing expert and IP strategist Stephen Key explains why patents don’t stop or protect people from stealing your invention. It’s the truth! Stephen explains how he got worked around by talented engineers, which is fair game. Watching patent attorneys argue about words taught Steve that ownership was more of a slippery slope, because the meaning of words are interpreted differently by different people at different times.

Stephen also gets into why prior art, which includes patents and publications, is a complicating factor as well. He also describes the powerful nature of innovation, which is that it never stops! He also touches on workarounds, variations, the danger of crowdfunding, and copycats. These are all realities and obstacles of the modern entrepreneur! Learn what you actually need to establish and maintain ownership of your ideas.

Then Stephen offers his best tips for protecting your ideas that do not include patents.

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