Samsung Display fires killshot on ENTIRE repair industry with…. a patent on pixel patterns? 🤦‍♂️


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00:00 Hot take
00:12 Introduction
00:50 Blocking import of aftermarket screens
01:35 This is NOT about counterfeit screens
02:18 Customs is completely unfit to enforce this
03:30 Samsung realizes this going public could negatively affect their perception/business
04:10 They name almost every parts vendor
04:55 Why this is important for competition in the economy
05:58 They want to ban unauthorized parts
07:10 Samsung says they will fill the void, but neglects to mention PRICE!
08:02 Samsung claims this will not adversely affect customers
08:48 How is removal of choice to the consumer a good thing?
11:15 The patent that will ruin the repair industry
13:40 This coming from the company that copied the iPhone & fought Apple on their patent of a rectangle….
14:28 Why disengaging from the legal battle doesn’t work – your corporate adversaries are not anarcho-capitalists
15:10 – Samsung is investing in our economy, therefore they should get their way
17:49 A tiny violin for Samsung
19:45 How this will go
27:00 TL;DR
28:55 This makes Samsung worse than Apple
30:20 Customs will never be able to properly enforce this
32:12 Samsung does NOT want people to see this document