Meghan SETUP RF/BAN Harry from US/Letters Patent/US remedies/no Blofeld; Meghan just clever hustler



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In the four hundred and twenty second (thirty ninth) episode Lady Colin Campbell confirms how Meghan Markle has set up the Royal Family with her recent press manipulaitons; the belief that is a truly a danger to the existence of harmony; her lust for attention and the need to top everyone no matter what happens; the recent realisation of the extents to which she will go; her ambition to have The Tig supercede Goop and why it is unlikely; whether the US Government can refuse Harry readmission into the jurisdiction once he leaves; how Meghan used Lilibet’s christening announcement and leaking informaiton about their eviction from Frogmore to damage control the fallout from South Park while turning herself into a victim; her shamelessness and unembarrassability finally hit home with people who hadn’t realised just how ruthless she can be; how Queen Elizabeth II’s amendment to the 1917 Letters Patent did not invalidate the original; the issue of primogeniture irrespective of sex and how that will require changes to the 1917 Letters Patent; why the issue of Meghan’s misuse of her royal status in the United States for political and other influence is a matter for the US alone; why Meghan’s continuing use of racial threats hang over everyone’s head and will continue to do so until people of colour vociferously condemn her conduct for the harm it is doing to race relations on all sides of the colour divide; Harry and Meghan’s Silivon Valley Bank losses; and why the belief that Meghan is being controlled by some sinister, powerful political force is not borne out by an examination of how ruthless, opportunistic hustlers of above average intelligence and a lack of scruples function,




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